Yard and Fence Designs

Is your aim to have the best front yard on the street? To stand out from the rest? Keeping your front lawn freshly cut and the hedges trimmed will not give you the number one status you are looking for.

By designing your front gates, you will have the whole neighborhood watching! This will ensure you extra privacy to. For some ideas to get you motivated take a peek at these 8 ideas.

1. Picket Fencing.
Picket fencing is highly popular due to the different types there is to offer. You can get different designs to suit your taste. You can get colors to match with the outside of your home and make the fence blend into the scenery.

2. Timber Fencing.
Timber fence became popular only a few years ago, more and more homes seem to be opting for timber. If you are looking for style and stability, timber is the one for you. It comes in different shapes and sizes. You can choose the paint of your choice to meet your style needs.

3. Iron Fencing.
Iron fencing has been around since the Victorian times, back then it was a craze to see houses with these types of fencing. That craze is still going on in today’s world. Although these fences do not give much privacy, they do offer security and are a real eye catcher. They will make your home stand above the rest.

4. Stone Fencing.
This option is more expensive than the options previously mentioned but offer the most privacy of them all. These are traditionally sought with figure toppers. There is a cheaper option available when it comes to stone fencing and that is to veneer pavers.

5. Steel Fencing.
The best part of this fencing is that it’s reliable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. It will offer you top privacy at a low cost and it comes in more than one color. The last can run vertical or horizontal and the fencing looks well with timber gating painted to your satisfaction.

6. Brick Fencing.
Rendered brick is the most long-lasting front fencing materials you can get. This idea will look fantastic with a timber gate. This will look really well with hedging along the side or flower pots situated above. Any gate would match right in with the theme you are going for.

7. Post and Rail Fencing.
This option can be done by most people so you could probably save yourself paying labor time. The fence itself can be made out of recycled timber wood. Although it offers no privacy it will make your front stand out from the rest with the cowboy style vibe.

8. Brush Fencing.
If you love DIY projects, you will love this option. Again it does not offer privacy but if you live in a coastal area this would be the perfect option for you. To add extra privacy you can connect chicken wire to keep out any unwanted pests.

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