Front Yard Gate and Fence Designs

A stylish fence design and front yard gate are two important fixtures that can transform the appearance of any yard. Just having a beautiful garden or trimmed hedges won’t give your property a look of completion and protection that a fence and gate can provide. Not only do fences and gates make your property have a more attractive appearance, they are also very important factors for improving security and privacy.

One of the first things that come to mind when anyone thinks of the perfect dream fence, it is the white picket fence. Of course, you can still paint it any color that you wish. Picket fences have been a popular fencing design for decades and they are still frequently used today. When it comes to picket fences there are also many designs and styles to choose, making for a lot of variety in terms of expression.

If you want your fence and gate to give a more complete and appealing look at your home appearance then make sure the design and colors are consistent or complimentary.

A contemporary timber fence is great for something a little different from the standard picket fence. Even though different, these fences are still wooden and are very beautiful and aesthetic. You can leave the timber its natural color or paint it to match your home. You also have the option of arranging the palings either horizontal or vertical. It is difficult to go wrong with a contemporary timber fence.

Having an iron fence joined to an iron gate can be very stunning and elegant. The Victorian era saw a lot of this kind of style, especially around wealthier home or estates. Cast iron can be created in beautiful patterns and designs that are incorporated into the fences and gates. If you are looking more for privacy than anything then iron isn’t really a great choice, but it will certainly look very stylish and would be especially appropriate for a Victorian style home.

Stone fences can also be elegant and attractive especially if built properly, and they may also add a level of privacy if they are made to be tall enough. A blue stone fence with cast iron details on top can also be found in the Victorian setting. Stone fences are typically a lot more costly to build than other kinds of fences, but they are beautiful and they add privacy and security.

Another excellent choice is corrugated steel fencing. Steel fences are durable and relatively inexpensive, they are even great for privacy. Steel fencing also has the option of choosing from many colours. Corrugations can be positioned horizontally or vertically. Steel fences also look very nice with posts, edging, and even a gate made of timber.

If you want a particularly durable fence then rendered brick is a very good option. This kind of fence also has a very modern appearance and it can look very nice with a timber gate. If you don’t like the look of brick then planting climbers or another kind of plant which crawls up walls and fences can give it a softer look.

If you like the rural style or cowboy motif then a post and rail wooden fence make for a very stylish design. This idea is easy to maintain, relatively inexpensive and can be used with almost any kind of wood.

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