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We are among the leading Cast Iron Hollow Bar Manufacturers. We have expertise in Casting Ductile and grey Iron. The main quality characteristic of Centrifugal Cast Iron Hollow Bar is the high standard of soundness arising from the conditions of feeding and is the predominant factor in the improvement of properties relative to statically cast material. Properties of Centrifugal castings compare favourably with forgings and other wrought products.

Mechanical properties of centrifugal castings are far superior to traditional sand castings due to the considerably finer grain structure and graphite form associated with rapid cooling rates and pressure gradients.

Service life of a centrifugally cast product is improved due to the uniform fine grain structure and the even distribution of very fine pearlite and graphite at any radial distance.


Grade Type Structure Tensile Strength Elongation Hardness
2P Grey Iron Pearlitic 220-260Mpa (32-37,000psi) Nil 207-269 BHN
3D Ductile Iron Ferritic 400 MPa (50,000psi) 12% 187 BHN max

Similar Grades

2P BS 1452 Grade 17 ASTM A48 Class 35/40 AS 1830H 269
3D BS 2789 SNG 27/12 ASTM A536 Class 60.45.12 AS1831 400-250-12


2P Cylinder liners, piston rings, compressor liners, hydraulic components, valves, pump components.
3D Pressure castings, shock resistant parts, pulleys, gears, conveyor rollers.
NI-RESIST Corrosion resistant applications.

2P Chemical Analysis Range

3D Chemical Analysis Range

NR1 Chemical Analysis Range

Available Sizes

Centrifugal Cast Iron
(hollow only)
Outside diameter
Inside diameter
2" (50mm) - 22" (650mm)
3/4" (20mm) - 20" (500mm)

* Other grades and sizes are available on special order - please enquire.

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