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Flocast Australia has been supplying Cast Bronze Bar, Ductile Iron Casting,Bronze Rods,Aluminium Bronze Bar and Continuous cast iron bars for many years at very reasonable prices. Constant research and improved production techniques ensure top quality material with many advantages:

Reduced machining allowance - less waste

Reduced tool wear

Higher machining speeds

Excellent mechanical properties

Freedom from gas and porosity

Close grain structure provides good pressure resistance

Typical Applications Australian Standard 1565-1985 Related Specifications
    AS 1565-1974 BS 1400 ASTM SAE
Chemical Plant, Pressure Vessels, Pump Components C90250
Phos. Bronze
906D CT1    
Gears, Bearings, Heavy Load Bushes C90710    Mill Certificate
Phos. Bronze
904D PB1    
Gears, Worm Wheels, Shock Resistant C90810
Phos. Bronze
907C PB2   65
Light Duty Bearings and Bushes C93100
931D LPB1    
General utility bearings, bushings and wear plate C93200    Mill Certificate
    B505 / B 271 660
Mainly Bushes - Lower Loads, Medium Speed C93500
935B LB4 935 66
Bearings where poorly lubricated - Minor misalignment C93700
937B LB2 937 64
Bushes, Mill Bearings, Railways Bearings, Oil Industry C92710
930D LB3 927  
Steel Backed Motor and Aero Engine Bushes, poorly lubricated C94100
941C LB5 941 794/799
Similar to C92610, General Structural Engineering C92310
903C G2 903 620/621
Admiralty Bronze, Marine Pumps, Valves, Good Corrosion Resistance C92610
905C G1 905 62
Pressure tight requirements, Valve Bodies, Pump Bodies, etc. C83600    Mill Certificate
Lead Gunmetal
836B LG2 836 40
Similar to C83600, General Engineering Applications C83810
Lead Gunmetal
838C LG1 838  
General Engineering Purposes, Pump & Valve Parts, etc C92410
Lead Gunmetal
924B LG4 924  
Heavy Mill Components, Heavy Gear Wheels C86300
High Tensile Brass
869D HTB3   430A
Highly Stressed Components, Propellers, Rudders etc C86500
High Tensile Brass
865C HTB1 865 43
Corrosion Resistant, Marine, Oil and Chemical use C95210    Mill Certificate
Aluminium Bronze
952C AB1 952 68A
Hi-strength Bearings, Good Impact Resistance, Poor Anti-seizure Properties C95400    Mill Certificate
Aluminium Bronze
As for C95210, High Strength Applications C95810    Mill Certificate
Aluminium Bronze
958C AB2    
Glass Industry: Bottle Mould, Baffle, Baffle Valve, Bottom Plate, Neck Ring Minox        

Mill Test Certificate is available on request for all the alloys.

Stock Size:

Continuous Cast
Outside diameter
Inside diameter
To Maximum
1/2" (12mm) - 12" (305mm)
1/2" (12mm) - 10" (254mm)
12" - 120" (305mm - 3100mm)
Centrifugal Cast
(hollow only)
Outside diameter
Inside diameter
To Maximum
13" (330mm) - 22" (560mm)
7" (175mm) - 20" (500mm)
12" - 39" (305mm - 1000mm)
NB: Inside diameter can be produced in smaller sizes to order

Stock Shapes Continuous Bronze:

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