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Flocast are usually constructed from metal, wood and other composite materials, and they vary in sizes and designs depending on the purpose. Fence gates are usually for the entry and exit of people and for vehicles.

When it comes to functional designs, fence gates can be classified into two categories, namely, hinged fence gates and sliding fence gates. Hinged fence gates are the most common because of the simplicity of design, and they can simply be opened by swinging it outward or inward.

Sliding fence gates, on the other hand, need wheels and guide rails to be operated. Some designs of sliding fence gates need hollow walls where the gates can be slid into. The sliding fence gates can either be manually operated or mechanically operated, using motors, gears, chains and pulleys. The same principles can be applied to bigger hinged fence gates.

Many fence gates can be purchased as pre-fabricated products while some fence gates are constructed on-site. You may need to hire a craftsman to install or build fence gates for your property. If you are searching for suppliers of fence gates or builders of fence gates, you do not need to look further because you have come to the right place. Here at Flocast.com.au, you can find comprehensive directory listings of suppliers and fabricators of fence gates.